Since 2006, we have been using creativity (art and philosophy) for the social inclusion of people who experience(d) or are at risk of exclusion. We acknowledge above all everyone’s potential to think, analyze, act, create and be a stakeholder of society: we presume equality of intelligences.

We use both practical approaches of intellectual and cultural mediation, and systemic approaches inspired from social innovation, as motors of social transformation, to act positively on society, individually and collectively: intellectual emancipation, prevention of exclusion (homelessness, crime, suicide, drug addiction), citizen and cultural participation, inter-recognition, identity reinforcement, etc.


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Our projects have earned us:

  • Ashoka Lifelong Fellowship
  • 2011: “Coup de cœur” Award from UQAM School of Management
  • 2009: YMCA Peace Medal 
  • 2008: Women’s Entrepreneurship Challenge


Annual Report 2015 (June 2016)
Annuel Report 2014 (June 2015)

Dorothée de Collasson
Claude Chapleau-Champagne
Maxime Goulet-Langlois
Mailis Burgaud
Nadia Duguay
Jani Greffe-Bélanger
Cyril Assathiany
Frédéric Péloquin
François-Xavier Michaux
Daniel Blémur
William-J. Beauchemin
Geneviève Morais
Sandrine Le Tacon
Kena Molina
Marie-Paule Grimaldi
Marie-Christine Simoneau
Alessia de Salis
Simon Chalifoux
Alexandra Pronovost
Noémie Maignien
Chloé Barrette-Bennington
Marie Tible
Josiane Proteau
Marie Lefebvre
Tiffanie Guffroy
Alexis Penaud
Sabrina Moreau
Béryl Brou
Thomas Taloté
Wissam Yassine
Batone Neto

A young and dynamic team turned
to the same goal: social transformation

Nadia Duguay    Co-founder and Executive Co-Director • #102
François-Xavier Michaux    Co-founder and Executive Co-Director • #101
— Administration 
Geneviève Morais    Office Manager • #100
 Research and Development
Maxime Goulet-Langlois    Research and Transfert Manager #107
William-J. Beauchemin  Social innovation Labs Manager             
Wissam Yassine Project Manager - Social Innovation Labs
— Partnerships
Tiffanie Guffroy  Partnership Manager • #104
Marie Lefebvre  Partnership Officer 
Noémie Maignien  Partnership Coordinator
— Communications
Marie Tilbe Communications Manager
Mailis Burgaud  Communications Manager • #105
Alexis Penaud  Communications Officer • #106
— Programs and projects
Dorothée de Collasson    idAction and idAction Mobile Project Manager • #109
Chloé Barrette-Bennington   Inter-project logistic Coordinator
Béryl Brou Project Officer and volunteer main contact •  #114
Sandrine Le Tacon    Cultural projects Manager • #110
Jani Greffe Bélanger  Indigenous project manager • #108
Sabrina Moreau Social Designer
 Facilitators in the field


  • Alessia de Salis
  • Alexandra Pronovost
  • Batone Néto
  • Biance Laliberté
  • Bruno Gagnon
  • Claude Chapleau Champagne
  • Cyril Assathiany
  • Daniel Blémur
  • Dorothée De Collasson 
  • Frédéric Peloquin
  • Isabelle Anguita
  • James Galwey
  • Jani Greffe Bélanger 
  • Josiane Proteau
  • Kena Molina
  • Marie-Christine Simoneau
  • Marie-Paule Grimaldi
  • Mathieu Riel
  • Maxime Goulet-Langlois
  • Nadia Duguay
  • Renaud Santerre-Crète
  • Simon Chalifoux
  • Tiphaine Barrailler
  • William-J Beauchemin

... and our 110 volunteers!




Board of Directors



Catherine Cardinal • Adminstrator
Expert-Advisor in Communications
Senior Consultant - TACT Intelligence-conseil
Nadia Duguay • Administrator
Co-founder and Executive Co-Director - Exeko
Fellow -  Ashoka
Member of the Executive Committee at CCUNESCO
Tatiana Fraser • Vice-President
Writer, researcher and consultant in innovation and social innovation 
Cofounder and former Executive Director -  Girls Action Foundation
Fellow Ashoka
Gabriel Marchand • President
Advisor for Organizational Development and Management
François-Xavier Michaux • Secretary
Co-founder - Exeko
Executive Co-Director - Exeko
Danielle Poulin • Administrator
Expert-Advisor in Philanthropic Management- Caméo Consultation
Antoine Roy-Larouche • Treasurer
Director of Collaborative Experiences - C2MTL
Christian Sénéchal • Administrator
Director, National Centre for Dance Therapy, 
Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal
Nadine St-Louis • Administrator
Founder and Executive Director
Les Productions Feux Sacrés & Espace Culturel Ashukan