In the field:
overview of our projects

idAction is a reflection program of social analysis and citizen participation in the form of workshops (philosophy, art, debate on current news) in shelters and day centers. It is a “citizen toolkit” that aims at fostering participants’ critical thinking.


idAction Mobile is a philosophical and cultural caravan that travels Montreal streets to meet people in a situation of homelessness. The caravan transports books, writing kits, art supplies, reading glasses…


Trickster is a program of cultural mediation, artistic activities and practices (theatre, circus, dance, scenography…) directed towards the Aboriginal youth. The projects, inspired from Aboriginal wisdom, are led both in communities and in urban settings.





Libre-library is a network of 12 fixed and mobile micro-libraries. In August 2015, 10 micro-libraries are fixed in shelters and day centers and 2 others are mobile, traveling the Montreal streets (idAction Mobile, Biblicyclette).


Métissages Urbains (Urban Intermixes) welcomes guest artists in residence in our common space: the street. The works of art co-created with the passersby establish a place for all citizens to meet and exchange.


Inclusive Culture is a project of cultural visits to give participants the opportunity to participate to a reflection about art (museums, festivals, concerts).


Tandem Créatif brings together artistic duos composed of a professional artist and an emerging artist. The specificity? The emerging artists are stigmatized as people living with an intellectual deficiency, but they are no less artists.

idAction et idAction Mobile: provoking equality

Trickster: for the Aboriginal reconciliation


Special projects: inclusion through art and culture