The Research Committee on Intellectual Mediation (CRMI) aims to explore, equip, codify, and delve into Exeko’s philosophical practice, intellectual mediation.

The researcher-practitioner members of the committee grow intellectually through both their own shared reflections and those of external figures, scientific or community-based, as well as through on-the-ground practices put in action by our different programs and projects.

Creative thought and acts as tools for social inclusion are at the heart of these collaborative and complimentary reflections.

Committee members: William-J. Beauchemin, Daniel Blémur, Nadia Duguay, Maxime Goulet-Langlois, Agnès Lorgueilleux

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Reflexivity and creativity as tools for inclusion and social change

In the field, notably through our programs idAction and idAction Mobile, this practice gives rise to citizen-based studies that our facilitators, project managers, and volunteers share with us through our blog.

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