Métissage Urbain


An artistic co-creative project in collaboration with First Nations Homeless People


An artistic co-creative project in collaboration with First Nations Homeless People

Métissage Urbain is a unique Artistic Co-Creative Project aiming to stimulate cultural and civic expression of First Nations homeless people, all too often excluded from Art and Exhibition sites, through the use of mediation.

Through a bi-directional workshop space, the project allows for interaction and feedback between the Artist and the participants. 

In conjunction with Cultural and Intellectual Mediation projects, and dAction Mobile, Métissage Urban will be inviting Stéphane Dionne, professional contemporary artist, to initiate First Nations Homeless People into contemporary art and its practice.

Over the period of a few months, artist Stéphane Dionne revisited the multi-media works of several idAction Philosophy Caravan participants, and offered his own contemporary touch to these first creative initiatives.

These artistic encounters, usually the reserve of the more well-off members of society, generate artistic creations inspired by material produced in the street and in shelters. The works produced in this creative workshop will be presented for the first time in Montreal from November 2013 to March 2014 in Montreal.


The exhibit

From November 28th to March 1st 2014 @  Via Capitale du Mont-Royal estate agency

1152 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est Montréal, QC (514) 721-2121


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Special projects manager +1 514 528 9706 #110

More than 200 people reachedwith idAction Mobile 

15 participants during 6 months 

Up to 20 collaborative artworks 

Infinite creative dialogues 


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  • «  I write my thoughts in my head, not on paper, and my thought is not lost. »

    Participant @PACQ

  • « I Have my own identity !»
    Putulik, Inuit participant, Métissage Urbain
  • « Why use paper when it is as beautiful as this?»
    One of the co-creator for Métissage Urbain