idAction is a reflexive program of social analysis and civic engagement for people experiencing or at risk of exclusion in society.

Free expression, current debate, philosophical debate about an artwork… idAction is a citizen’s toolkit in order to better understand society.

It aims to:

  • Develop critical thinking and analyze society
  • Intellectual self-defence, detect manipulation of discourse
  • Act positively within society, individually or collectively
“Just through being here and discussing these issues, I feel like I’m a citizen.”
– Normand, participant at Accueil Bonneau


idAction takes place in shelters and day centers (such as Accueil Bonneau or Maison du Père), in Aboriginal communities, in schools, in prison or in the street.

Workshops of free expression are adaptable: they are thought up by our facilitators in collaboration with our participants and partners.

An example of workshop: the portrait. using examples in different forms of media (painting, sculpture, photography), participants and facilitators discuss what they see to identify similarities and differences in portraits, then analyze the importance of appearance in societies. Everyone listens, responds or opposes: this is a collective reflection where everyone is equal.

Read the resume of this workshop on our blog: "Le lieutenant gouverneur et les philosophes de la rue de la commune" (in French)


idAction workshops are based on our approach of intellectual mediation.

What is intellectual mediation, exactly?

  • Approaching an individual by taking into account their potential and not only their problems; positioning oneself in an open dialogue on an equal footing
  • Undertaking interactive, reflexive, and creative approaches
  • Co-creation: the workshops are developed with our participants

Dorothée de Collasson
Project Manager

 Since 2006

 2000+ participants

 • Homelessness
 • Aboriginal communities
 • Youth
 • Imprisoned

 150 workshops

Exeko from J.W. McConnell Family Foundation on Vimeo.

Discover idAction in pictures: click here.

idAction workshops are built around three axes: critical thinking, social analysis, citizen action


Partenaires du projet • Project's partners




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  • « They're both people. We're not looking enough after people with problems, and mostly with mental health issues. Then we would have more people able to work.»
    Participant, [email protected] Bonneau
  • « We are not higher, we are not lower, we are equal.»
    Simeoni, participant idAction Mobile
  • « I was completely alone today, thanks for talking to me»
    Elie, participant @idAction Mobile
  • « Receving is good, but giving is better»
    Participant [email protected]